Connect, communicate, and keep up to date with friends, family, community, the world…

KITe was a digital inclusion project run by CAVS in Carmarthen from September 2012 to May 2017.  Our aim was to support older people to engage with and make the most of the digital world. 

Please use this website for information, to check your skills, to practise googling etc.



KITe was originally a 3 year project started by CAVS in September 2012 with funding from Comic Relief’s Older Person Programme. Our aim was to support older people throughout Carmarthenshire to become included and active in today’s increasingly digital world.
The project offered training, advice and guidance to older people through computer and tablet classes, workshops on different topics, work with community and social groups, computer drop-in sessions, one-to-one lessons. The Comic Relief funding finished in March 2016.

The cut down form of project then continued with funding from Santander  until May 2017.

KITe – Keep in Touch – Digital Skills for older people